Sausage Products:
*These items only are  made from March until November 1. However, you can leave your meat with us at anytime. When you drop off your deer during the season you can set aside meat for these products. We will bag and tag it, put it in our freezer and when March arrives we will produce these items in the order they were received.
Pete Giovenco's Deer Depot
188 Almedia Rd.
St. Rose, LA.  70087
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New Orleans Flavor
Louisiana Blends

Seasoned with just the right amount of sage that's not overpowering.
This blend has a more zesty taste and will add to the flavor in just about everything.
Mild Sausage:
Spicy Sausage:
Contains natural spices that bring out the hot flavor, but not all cayenne.
Hot Sausage:
For people who like down home Italian style without sacrificing natural flavors.
Italian Sausage:
A mixture of New Orleans flavors.  Onion, green onions, parsley, and just enough spice to tease your pallet.
Cajun Sausage:
The same seasoning as our fresh spicy sausage but smoked in our commercial smoker with natural hickory wood chips. Ready to eat or add to your beans, jambalaya or gumbo.
Smoke Sausage:
       Signature Products:
We take your backstrap, butterfly and roll it out until it's flat; line it  with bacon, season, stuff with a Creole meat stuffing, add a stick or so of smoke sausage, roll it back up, wrap it in bacon,  jet net, smoke & cook for 6 hours. This has become such a popular item, we also make it from Domestic Pork  which is available for purchase.
Cajun Po Boy:
Remember the good old fashion tamales with the sauce you couldn't get enough of. Try these! So popular we also make them in Beef.
Like a Slim Jim, but better. Only 7% pork added.
*Snack Stix:
Venison, cooked scrambled eggs, and bacon. Smoked and ready to eat cold, or heat it up and put it on a biscuit. (Deer Depot original)
*Venison Eggs:
& Bacon
Old World Style. Smoked with natural hickory chips. Ready to eat.
*Cotto Salami:
Traditional summer sausage with a New Orleans twist.
*Summer Sausage:
Mushrooms, green onions, parsley and Cajun spices. We also make snack stix and smoke sausage.
*Duck Sausage:
Just like it says a great blend of venison, jalapeno's, tomato and just the right amount of cheese to eat by the slice or on crackers.
*Jalapeno &:
Cheese Sausage
We only use the best cut hind quarter meat. Sliced not ground, marinated, laid out by hand,smoked and cooked in our commercial smoker, not in a dehydrator. Great taste the "Old Style" way.
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We can cut your game into recognizable cuts of meat to your specifications.  Steaks, Roast, Ground Meat, Bacon Burger, Cube steaks or make sausage as described below.
Delicious heavily smoked sausage as people in this area have known and loved.  Mostly used in jambalaya, beans, and gumbos.
Peppers & Cheese:    Smoke Sausage    
Our delicious original smoke sausage with just enough jalapenos and mild cheddar cheese for added flavor