Pete Giovenco, founder of Deer Depot, professional game processor, educator, speaker and New Orleans celebrity began his career in food services as a fourteen year old delivery boy.  With all these years experience as a butcher and department supervisor, Pete found his niche in the game industry.  In south Louisiana where the variety of wild game is unparalleled, he realized so many sportsman were wasting large quantities from  their hunt for many reasons. 
His Cajun-Italian ancestry and unbridled imagination went to work.Making his customers his priority, Pete found new exciting ways for sportsman to use their game through custom meat cutting and season blending.  From his St. Rose shop, Deer Depot,  just outside of New Orleans, Pete registered his blends of premixed seasoning to develop top food ingredients, reliability, quality, and consistency to guarantee year after year dependability.
Pete, never satisfied, constantly looks for unique, innovative methods to prepare and process game.  He has a history of business and itemized invoicing for improved productivity and a streamline operation.  Teamwork, intelligent planning and flexibility make a winning combination. 

One of his success stories is the creations of his French Market Style Tamales. Packed with a delicious blend of spices, they have become the rage for Gulf coast outdoor enthusiasts.
Pete has appeared on numerous television and radio programs including appearances on WWL with Frank Davis, and Outdoors With Don Dubuc just to name a few.
He has also been subject of a number of local, state, and national magazine articles. Pete has worked with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries to find various ways of preparing nutria and encouraging the public to try it, since it is such a clean, low fat, healthy meat.
In a contest sponsored by the Louisiana Nature and Science Center in New Orleans, Pete's nutria sausage won an award presented by Chef Paul Prudhomme. 

Without a doubt, when it comes to the game processing industry in Louisiana, no one has more recognition, skill or credibility than Pete Giovenco.
During the off season Pete has taught processing at local universities, conducts demonstrations for grammar school students,  presentations to hunting clubs, St. Charles Parish Continuing Education Classes, Ducks Unlimited, NRA, and has appeared at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.
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